what can a
 ​free consultation 
do for you?

Too many people are needlessly suffering from symptoms that are all too common but ​​not normal. Headaches, body fatigue, allergies, indigestion and weight gain are all signs that your body is out of balance. The current medical practice often involves prescribing a ​​​​​pill for every ill which may bring immediate relief to the issue, but fails to address the cause of the ill. 
As a holistic health coach, I'll help you ​​dig a little deeper and discover the root cause of health problems, so you can live a life of energy, health and vitality. 
A free consultation is for anyone who is considering a 6-week Transformational Health Program, in which I'll guide and support you step-by-step to:

1) a healthy, simple and cost-efficient food-preparation routine
2) promoting healthy digestion 
3) committing to a daily detoxification protocol
4) finding exercise/ movement that supports YOUR body, and much more.

During this free consultation we'll discuss your health history, current dietary and lifestyle habits, and ultimate health goals to see how I can best support you in gaining a lifetime of better health.
Don't waste time navigating alone through the world of contradictory health recommendations! Hire an experienced coach to help you achieve your biggest health goals with efficiency and ease.