Hawaii Health Retreat
October 10-15, 2017
January 4-9, 2018
6 Day Detox & Yoga Retreat | Refresh | Rejuvenate | Restore | Balance | Ground | Energize

  1. Near the Ocean
    Near the Ocean
  2. Enjoy Detoxifying Drinks
    Enjoy Detoxifying Drinks
  3. Tropical Fruits
    Tropical Fruits
  4. The Space
    The Space
  5. Private 2-person Room
    Private 2-person Room
  6. Shared Room
    Shared Room
  7. Feel Refreshed & Rejuvenated!
    Feel Refreshed & Rejuvenated!
  8. On a White Sandy Beach in Hawaii
    On a White Sandy Beach in Hawaii
  9. This hike... 15 minutes from retreat center.
    This hike... 15 minutes from retreat center.
  10. Nourishing Meals...
    Nourishing Meals...
  11. Relax
  12. Daily Yoga
    Daily Yoga
Healthy, whole foods will provide a gentle cleanse over 6 days, while nourishing deeply. You'll notice daily energy and, just a sense of wellbeing.
All meals provided are vegetarian, gluten-free and organic.
Enjoy cooking & wellness classes. Take home the how-to's of healthy living so you can feel, look and live your best for years to come. Ongoing email communication will be available to keep you on track to gaining your best health.
Spend time and adventure in nature. Disconnect for a few days and nourish your body inside and out. The ocean is within several minutes walking distance, and this hike pictured is a total of about 20 minutes from the retreat center!



Shared room (3 twin beds in each) $1800 per person.
Private bedroom for two people, one queen bed $3200 total (save $400).

Fill out this application to get on the
phone with Rosey to see if this
retreat is right for you!

Payment of half the cost must be made to secure your space, and the rest paid prior to the retreat start, or upon arrival.

7:30 rejuvenating detox drink
8- 9:30 morning yoga & meditation
- free time -
10:45 delicious brunch
12:30 wellness workshop
14:00 adventure in nature
18:00 nourishing dinner
19:30 wellness workshop or restorative yoga

ARRIVE no earlier than 18:00 the day prior
OPENING CEREMONY 10:00 first day of retreat
CLOSING CEREMONY 15:00 last day of retreat
DEPART no later than 10:00 the day after

This 5-day all inclusive retreat is for anyone wanting to gain greater health, relax, rejuvenate and nourish their body, adventure in nature, and feel refreshed, rejuvenated and motivated to live a lifetime of health. 

Simply fill out this application
to see if this is the
best retreat for you!

Rosey Silverstein, Integrative Health Coach
Rosey is commited to helping you reach optimal health. When you understand how dietary and lifetsyle habits can either make or break your health, you'll be more inspired to take action in the most direct way. Rosey will bring clarity to controversial topics, and lead discussions on the how-to's of incorporating nourishing habits in our busy modern world. The ultimate goal is for you to feel inspired and empowered to live in better health far beyond the span of these 5 days, by using whole-body health techiniques that are simple, effective, cost-efficient, and best of all- that bring results.
Molly Irene McLaughlin, Yoga Instructor, Ayurvedic Health Counselor
Molly is here to offer you a diversity and depth of knowledge in both yoga and wellness. She holds a space of loving-kindness and acceptance that encourages you to show up authentically and experience personal transformation. Her yoga classes are inspired by therapeutic yoga and vinyasa flow, and are ideal for all levels. She teaches yoga and meditation for your unique needs and benefit, and incorporates the principles of Ayurveda, Reiki, and self-care to help support your personal healing process.